How to track your cashflow in 15 minutes or less

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About the Creator

Alvie Kamal
Tally Accounting

Hey there! I'm Alvie, the partner at Tally accounting and 3-time small business founder. My mission is to help 10,000 Canadian business owners grow their companies with less financial risk.

This cashflow tracker is one of my favourite tools. I share this with business owners who are just getting started and are looking for an easy way to get a pulse on their business and how much cash they have to invest in it.

If that sounds like you, get your copy today!

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Client Success Stories

Trusted by your Neighbourhood Entrepreneurs

"I truly appreciate everything Adam and his team done for me, my partners, and our company. They've allowed me to focus on running my business while they took care of everything else."

Jordan M.

"Tally Accounting helps me manage 3 businesses in the city of Montreal. Over the past two years I have had an amazing experience with both Alvie and Adam at Tally Accounting. Their service is incomparable to others you can call, text, email their support lines and someone will always get back to you with an answer. Thanks to the Tally team I can grow my companies with peace of mind."

Jeannine B.

"Working with tally has both improved and simplified our company's accounting. They use the latest technologies to streamline our processes which allow us to focus on what we are good at."

Jean-Pierre D.
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How to track your cashflow in 15 minutes or less