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EZPhyzique: From Side Hustle to Full-Fledged Business

About EZPhyzique

EZPhyzique, a health and fitness coaching service founded by Eyad Zinary in 2015, has impacted the lives of over a thousand individuals worldwide. Eyad, driven by his passion for fitness and healthy living, embarked on this journey during his university daysAfter two years of hard work, he achieved success in his first show in Montreal, which motivated him to start designing personalized programs for clients as a health and fitness coach.

The Problem

Stressful Bookkeeping and Tax Management
  • Complexity and Time Consumption: Managing taxes, employee wages, and filings was an overwhelming task for Eyad, consuming valuable time that could be better spent on business growth and client support.
  • Chaotic Year-End Filings: The end-of-year rush to compile documents and receipts, often described as chaotic, added significant stress and inefficiency to the process.
  • Inefficient Part-Time Accountant Support: Seeking assistance from a part-time accountant did not alleviate the stress, as it involved gathering extensive paperwork and receipts, complicating the tax filing process further.|
Administrative Burden Hindering Business Focus
  • Distracted from Core Activities: The administrative burden of bookkeeping and tax management distracted Eyad from his primary passion and business objective: growing EZPhyzique and enhancing client fitness programs.

The Solution

Streamlined Bookkeeping with Quickbooks Online and Dext
  • Elimination of Physical Receipts: Transitioning to Quickbooks Online and Dext allowed Eyad to digitalize his bookkeeping process, eliminating the need to keep physical receipts and reducing the year-end document compilation rush.
  • Efficient and Organized Financial Management: This integration streamlined the financial management process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming.
Simplified Payroll Management with Wagepoint
  • Streamlined Employee Onboarding and Offboarding: Implementing Wagepoint for payroll management simplified the processes of onboarding and offboarding employees, making payroll tasks more manageable and less error-prone.
Responsive Support and Efficient Communication from Tally Accounting
  • Prompt Answers to Financial Queries: Tally Accounting's commitment to providing prompt responses ensured that Eyad received timely support for his bookkeeping and tax questions, usually on the same day.
  • Proactive Notification and Reminder System: The introduction of a notification and reminder system by Tally Accounting helped Eyad stay informed about upcoming filings and necessary actions, reducing the stress of managing these tasks manually.

Looking Ahead

By addressing each aspect of the problem with targeted, efficient solutions, Tally Accounting was able to significantly alleviate the administrative burden on Eyad, allowing him to refocus his efforts on growing EZPhyzique and supporting his clients' fitness journeys.