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Canned Head's Journey: 2-Year Accounting Turmoil to Seamless Growth



Canned Head, founded in 2015 is a tech consulting firm, with offices in Montreal, Quebec and Bogota, Colombia. They specialize in Cloud Strategy, Design, Custom Software Development, Big Data Analytics and AI. They're on a mission to transform businesses with technology and have expanded their operations across North America in a short period of time. With scale comes accounting complexities and that's where Tally Accounting comes in.


The Problem

After experiencing exponential growth, Canned Head faced significant operational challenges. They relied on an Accounting service provider that couldn't keep pace with their expanding needs. This misalignment led to several critical issues:

Inefficient Processes and Pending Filings
  • This led to pending payments and delays in filings accumulating over 2 years.
  • As the business grew the founders had to think more about accounting, taking focus away from their growth goals.
Lack of Effective Communication.
  • Communication breakdowns with their service provider made every accounting task a nightmare.
  • Slow response times made informed decision making difficult.
Barrier to Growth
  • With scale comes increased transactions that must be recorded properly
  • Additional employees that must be onboarded and paid on time
  • More decisions need to be made requiring accurate reporting

The Solution

The partnership with Tally Accounting marked a transformative moment for Canned Head. An engaging discussion with Alvie from Tally Accounting revealed a partner who can scale alongside them. The partner is equipped with advanced systems and technology. This collaboration brought about several key improvements:

Streamlined Operations
  • Tally Accounting implemented Dext for digital receipt tracking. This eliminated dozens of hours per week of collecting receipts.
  • Quickbooks Online was implemented for bookkeeping and reporting. It allows for informed decision making around timely numbers.
  • Wagepoint was implemented for automated payroll. It saves countless hours on paying out employees. It also saves time on remitting taxes to the government.
  • UnCat was implemented for seamless communication around transactions. It saved time and allowed for better accuracy.
Enhanced Communication and Support
  • Tally Accounting's ticketing system and less than 24 hour response times led to quicker and confident decision making.
  • Tally Accounting's reminder and notification system allowed Canned Head to focus on their business. They knew everything was being filed on time. If they needed to do anything, Tally would promptly notify them.
Scalability Without Barriers
  • Books getting closed in the first 15 days of the month no matter the size of business gives Canned Head the confidence to scale
  • Seamless employee onboarding, payroll and off-boarding experience makes it easy for Canned Head to grow their team


Looking Ahead

The partnership with Tally Accounting has allowed Canned Head to scale with confidence. Canned Head is looking forward to further expansion, knowing their accounting is in the right hands.